3 Major Tips for a Search Engine Optimized Blog (for Beginners)

Vejay ZameerSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a remarkable way of marketing at low cost in this era. For bloggers, it has become an important aspect in increasing the reach of their blog. As search engine spiders navigate through the pages on the web, SEO ensures the visibility of a page and its content on search engine result pages (SERPs), which increases the chance of getting more traffic to your page or blog. The question that many beginners face is, how to optimize their material? To answer that, they need to know what a search engine looks for when a query is presented to it.

Though there are a number of professional ways, here are 3 major factors which must be taken into account.

1. Keywords

Search engines look for the keywords of the queries that are presented to them. Therefore, it is a necessity to know the audience and to include the keywords strategically throughout your website.

Here are a few places where you can insert the keywords.

  • In the theme of the page: It is not visible to the reader, but bots see everything!
  • In the title and headlines: Usually, they would be the same, but that is not always the case.
  • In the main content: It goes without saying that the keywords should be present in the content.
  • In URL, domain name and metadata: It is better if the URLs are simple and contain keywords related to the topic instead of enigmatic codes.

Keywords are certainly important, but they need to be used wisely as the bots get displeased by keyword stuffing. Moreover, keywords alone are not enough to get good seo results.

2. Quality

seoNext is the content of the body of the page. Killer content is the foundation of building traffic on your blog as it is shared on various social media outlets like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. These are just a few of them.

With exceptional content, people share the blog on their social media profiles and more people get access to the blog. This is known as social media distribution, so the blog is not only being promoted by the search engines that ensure the visibility of the page, but it is also reaching people through other channels. This provides the search engine a trustworthy image of the blog and it suggests those blogs more often, whether for the same query or another different but related query.

3. Link Buildup

Link buildup is another important process of SEO as the bots trust those websites more which have numerous trustworthy links embedded in their pages. Link buildup means getting various links on your page.

One of the techniques to get numerous links is to link the page internally within your website to other pages. It is important as:

  • It provides viewers with further material.
  • It helps improve the page ranking with certain keywords.

Another technique is to get links from other websites either by asking them or by writing content that they may consider linking to.