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Vejay ZameerWhen you are ready to take out a mortgage, be wise and shop around to find the best possible deal on a mortgage loan. Treat it as any other major purchase you would make and finance, and find the best possible rate at the best possible terms that are available to you. Compare prices and fees charged and be ready to negotiate the best deal possible when purchasing your dream home.

Mortgages come from a vast array of lenders. As a loan shopper you have the choices of banks, credit unions, and different types of mortgage brokers. Like with any consumer product the prices will vary and it is best to shop around and find the lowest price. Let the lender’s fight to earn your business. Rates change on a daily basis and a mortgage broker has the ability to shop around and find you the best rate available. A mortgage broker holds a large capacity of knowledge that will allow them to find you the greatest deal that is available. Also, they provide numerous amounts of programs that will fit the needs of any borrower.

It is important that you know the amount of down payment that you will need to get you into the home you want to purchase. The amount of your down payment can be as small as 5% of the purchase price to as much as 20% of the total purchase price. Find a program that best fits your situation and ability for a down payment. By looking into the terms and the interest rates is not just the best way to save yourself money, you also need to look at the costs that are involved as well. As a savvy borrower you should find out whether you will have a fixed interest rate or an adjustable mortgage rate on the loan. Also, find out what the annual percentage rate (APR) actually is. The APR also includes different types of fees and charges that will be added into your yearly rate.

There is a wide variety of fees that can be associated with a mortgage loan. There are costs like broker fees, closing costs, and underwriting fees that can really add up when taking out a mortgage. Keep in mind that these fees are open to negotiation, and a lender that wants your business will allow you to negotiate these fees. To save money on closing fees, using a notary from sites like may save you money over using a lawyer. With fees it is valuable to you as a borrower to know what types of fees there are, and when the fees are to be paid.

Some fees are to be paid when applying for a mortgage while others are due at closing.

Shop and compare the variety of lenders that are available. Negotiate and get the best deal possible on your home mortgage loan. Know that lender’s prices can vary greatly on the same type of loan. Just because your credit and financial situation is like someone else’s doesn’t necessarily mean that you will each get the exact same loan at the exact same rate and terms. If you are in the right position to financially negotiate the rates and the fees that are involved. Lenders are there to earn your business. Make them work for you and earn your business at the best possible price that they can. If you have locked in a good interest rate, but then you see rates fall during the loan process stop the process and begin to re-negotiate the interest rate. Look for ways to save you money. Be wise and find a mortgage that is right for you.