Virtual Assistants For Real Estate Agents

From Grand Forks Realtor – Realtors that are successful know that creating systems for every process within their businesses allows them to be more efficient and efficient at providing the options that are required that their customers desire. Systems once created free up time for you to focus on income creating jobs; consequently the requirement for you to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help simplify your life.

Here are 7 ways a VA can help with your daily time consuming job.

Administrative work
VAs will assist you in your day to day administrative tasks like sending facsimiles, setting up and confirming appointments and much more. It can then be handed over to the VA, once a system is created to manage an administrative job.

Most brokers fear making cold calls to leads; you can have your VA use scripts that are special and make the first calls. Once they have been converted to warm prospects, you can then take over the conversation with heads.

Internet marketing
VAs can perform several internet marketing tasks like; posting to your property websites, maintaining your on-line social networking profiles, creating viral videos, writing posts and so forth.

Database Management
VAs help save the information in a database and can maintain data that is lead. They give you the reports on the data when desired and easily can search the data, run custom queries on them.

VAs can help prepare records of your monetary transactions, assess the accuracy of computations and figures. They can also do preliminary audits of your books before handing them over to your accountant.

Promotion Investigation on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
VAs can conduct preliminary marketing analysis on the MLS by aiding you to prepare Comparable Market Analysis (CMAs) which you may then give to your clients or customers.

Marketing Campaigns
VAs can help you set up marketing campaigns to sell the listings you have such as; creating and posting flyers, set up Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to give property particular info to would-be buyers and sellers, prepare the necessary tips and images for properties you intend on listing on the MLS and much more. In summary the possibilities are endless. A Virtual Assistant can help a Real Estate Representative become more efficient and successful overall. All you should do is spend the time creating a system and then hand it over to them to do the task.